SSAE 16 COMPLIANT DATA CENTER - ensuring that proper safeguards and best practices are being followed.
Colocation - Application Hosting - Disaster Recovery - Equipment Leasing

Granite Block is a leading provider of colocation, application hosting, disaster recovery services and equipment leasing. Headquartered in Southeastern Massachusetts, Granite Block operates a 163,000 sq. ft. Internet Data Center (IDC). From this IDC Granite Block has the ability to provide high availability services to firms worldwide. Our client base consists of some of the largest firms in the Financial Services, Healthcare, and High Technology industries.

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Solutions to your IT infrastructure needs

Granite Block can build out your data center space to fit your specific design needs, including a private suite. Suites can be built in various sizes, up to 30,000 sq. ft. GET A QUOTE for your IT infrastructure solution.

Granite Block's employees strive to make your data center experience reliable, predictable, and well organized. Our goal is to make the move-in process simple and efficient. Our design team built our data center with our customer's needs for reliability and value in mind.

Environmentally Committed
Granite Block is committed to the environment, which is why we have plans to install two wind turbines, add geo-thermal cooling, and roof topped solar panels.
Rock Solid Infrastructure
The building is constructed using granite block for the walls giving it great strength, so we included it in our name. This is not just a granite block facade on a building; these are walls constructed of four feet of solid granite.
Optimal Speed and Routing
Intelligent routing ensures that your site will stay up, even if a major network were to go offline. True Tier 2 OC48 connectivity allows for optimal speed and efficiency.